Secured Assessment

Utilize AI powered secured assessments to monitor online examinations and mark automatically
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Randomized Questions

You may provide us with multiple versions of a question and your test will be automatically randomized. Students will be randomly assigned one of the versions for each question. Given that you have 10 questions and three versions for each question, then there would be a total of 3^10 variations of the same test.

AI Monitoring

With our industry leading AI algorithm, we verify the identity of students during the test. We both video and voice record students. We can detect wide range of test environment anomalies and notify students. Once the test is completed, the AI tagged incidents will be manually checked and a report will be sent to the instructor.

Automated Marking

All multiple choice as well as short answer questions will be marked automatically. If you need to have long answer questions, we can accept the answers and your TAs can marked them manually. We can populate the final marks in the same CSV file you provide us for your student list, which will allow you to easily upload the list into your LMS.

How does it work?

Steps For Students

How does it work for students?

Step 1: Student Registration

Prior to the examination, we manually check students' identification.

Step 2: Student Access to Test Link

The test link must be shared with all students by the instructor.

Step 3: During the Test

Students identity as well as the test environment are constantly being monitored during the examination.

How does it work for educators?

Step 1: Provide Information

  1. Send us different versions of the test
  2. Send us the student list in CSV format
  3. Exam date and duration

Step 2: Confirm the Test

We will send you a link of the test, you can verify it at this point and provide us with your possible comments.

Step 3: Receive the results and report

  1. We will provide you with the CSV file of the marks. We can populate the same CSV file that you sent us so that there would be no conflicts when you upload the list into your LMS.
  2. We will send you a report with the possible suspicious cases along with corresponding Audio and Video of the incidents.

Steps For Educators


1 Token = 1 exam for 1 student

TokenPrice Per Token
1 - 100$10
101 - 1,000$8
1,001 - 10,000$4
10,001 - 100,000$2
100,001 and up$1

Sample Calculation

Number of tests: 1 test
Number of students: 100 students
Number of required tokens: 1 X 100 = 100
Cost: 100 X $10 = $1000

Number of tests: 10 tests
Number of students: 100 students
Number of required tokens: 10 X 100 = 1000
Cost: The first 100 tokens cost $1000, the remaining 900 will cost $7200. Total = $8200
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Number of tokens: (number of exams X number of students)

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