How it works

Bitbolide Joint Academic Program

Transform Your Questions into Dynamic Learning Tools in Three Easy Steps

Unlock the full potential of personalized education with Bitbolide by turning static questions into dynamic,
engaging challenges for every student—no coding skills required. Our streamlined process ensures that every educator can create customized assessments
tailored to individual learning paths, enhancing understanding and retention.

Step 1: Identify the Dynamic Elements

Select the components of your questions you want to bring to life. These elements will vary from student to student, introducing a personalized touch to the learning experience.


Step 2: Define Dynamic Parameters

Assign unique identifiers to each dynamic component. This step is crucial for customizing the questions to fit diverse learning needs and preferences.


Step 3: Craft Your Custom Questions

Compose your questions by integrating the dynamic parameters. This approach not only caters to a wide range of learning styles but also prepares students for a variety of scenarios, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


Effortlessly Craft Tailored Assessments: From Question Bank to Classroom

Streamline your teaching workflow by transforming your question bank into dynamic, student-centered assessments with just a few clicks.

Step 1: Curate Your Question Bank

Select from Your Diverse Question Bank - Dive into your rich repository of questions or explore shared resources to handpick the most suitable ones for your assessment. By choosing multiple questions for a single assessment item, you harness our sophisticated algorithm to introduce varied question combinations, significantly enriching your assessment's diversity. Imagine elevating your test's complexity with up to 300 unique variations, simply by selecting three questions with 100 variations each. This step dramatically expands the assessment's variability, ensuring a more comprehensive evaluation of student understanding.


Step 2: Customize Your Assessment

Tailor Your Assessment with Precision – Embrace the flexibility to craft your assessments with precision, accommodating a broad spectrum of educational needs and preferences. Our platform is designed to cater to diverse requirements, from adjusting settings for students needing accommodations to implementing specific penalty allocations for late submissions. This adaptability ensures that your assessments are not only inclusive but also reflect the nuanced demands of modern education. Benefit from years of feedback from educators across disciplines to configure your assessment in a way that aligns with your unique educational objectives.


Step 3: Distribute Your Assessment

Effortlessly Share with Your Students – Once your assessment is configured to perfection, sharing it becomes a breeze. With just a single link, you can distribute the assessment to all your students, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of each test. Leverage your institution's Learning Management System (LMS) to seamlessly integrate the assessment, ensuring every student has access. This streamlined approach minimizes confusion and maximizes efficiency, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—educating.