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What is a dynamic test?

A dynamic test consists of dynamic questions. Each question is defined with parameter(s) and corresponding values.
For example: "Name bought X books". Name: Sam, David X: 2, 3
In this example, Name and X are parameters and Sam, David, 2, 3 are the corresponding values. This example has now 4 different variations, Sam bought 2 books, David bought 3 books , etc...

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Bitbolide platform offers:

Dynamic Question Creation

Dynamic Test Generation

Automated Marking

Class Analytics



Our number one priority was to develop a user-centred platform. No coding knowledge is necessary.

One question, hundreds of variations

For a given question with n = 3 different parameters and m = 5 number of values for each parameter, the total number of variation would be 5 * 5 * 5 = 125.

One test, thousands of variations

For a 10-question test, you may choose more than 10 questions. For example, for question 1, you may select 3 dynamic questions, so not only each question will have different variations, the student may randomly see one of the 3 possibilities for question 1.


Share your questions with your colleagues or if you don't have time to generate dynamic questions, assign your teaching assistants to create questions and share them with you.


Made and tested by university professors in Toronto, Canada.


Out of the box, the default configurations will be sufficient to utilize BitBolide platforms. However, most features are customizable to meet your specific needs.